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My decision to add Gay Senior Travel, or as I prefer to call it, LGBT Prime-Time Travel to the Take My *Mother Please portfolio of services comes from having loved and traveled the world with my darling partner of thirty-five years—now my legally-married spouse—Wendy Dallas. I recognized that not only is the world coming out of the closet but so, too, is the travel industry.

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In addition, there is a demographic bubble of lesbian and gay couples, as well as LGBT individuals, who are now or will shortly become "seniors." As a member of this Prime-Time Generation (don't you love that term? My web designer thought it up!), I decided that this "LGBT Prime-Time Generation" should be given the opportunity to explore the globe, or their own back yard, with likeminded people who share their interests and desire to travel.

Since I have been planning, providing and escorting custom designed tours since 1992, I've decided it's about time for Take My *Mother Please to offer this service.

What is LGBT Prime-Time Travel?

Quite simply, an LGBT Prime-Time Tour is a tour like any other tour Take My *Mother Please provides, whether it's here in Los Angeles or across Europe. The one difference is that it is made up of lesbians and gays in the prime of their life, with particular attention paid to and concern for their specific interests and needs.

Since LGBT Prime-Time Tour participants are like-minded individuals, these trips will naturally include gay-friendly destinations, restaurants and points of interest. And with me as your guide… you will get the unique perspective I've gained from years of traveling as a same-sex couple and guide, and all of the surprising, beautiful and downright unusual places I have discovered and can't wait to share.

I look forward to planning and to taking you on an LGBT Prime-Time Tour of your lifetime.

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